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Believe. Perform. Achieve.

The Positive Transformation of your Career and Life

I believe everybody’s work should be today - even more than ever – driven by passion. Our work should be filled with passion, satisfaction and fun. Because this is the foundation of a healthy work environment, without stress and pressure, where each of us can feel that our contribution matters!

The Believe. Perform. Achieve. framework helps you as Individual, Team, Change Agent or Business Owner to transform your mindset, your way of working and expanding your comfort zone by taking small steps that feel good. It supports you to transform your career and life, improve your self-management and deliver results in a complex world where creating detailed plans and implementing them as such is not anymore applicable.

Hi, my name is Dorin, I'm a Trainer and Agile Coach!

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Believe. Perform. Achieve.

High Performance Mastery Coaching program is a comprehensive system to help you build a high performance practice using the agile mindset. This 6 weeks Coaching Program will help you to get new strategies, habits and tools for developing your agile mindset, boost your productivity and self-management skills. These are the things you MUST have to breakthrough to the next level of customer satisfaction in the today fast pace world by maximizing delivered value and minimizing the costs.


The Performance Accelerator

We live in a fast pace world. Every day we are bombarded with emails, meetings, and expectations that are almost impossible to meet. Feeling overwhelmed and worried about is becoming the norm. Dealing with a world where everything is changing so fast, where the options increase exponentially, requires a new mind-set. This training shows you how to apply the agile mind-set in your daily work to deliver great results, understand what to focus on and become more productive. 

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Dorin helps individuals, teams and companies to improve their performance by adopting an agile mindset. He works as a trainer, coach and consultant with a strong focus on changing individuals’ mental model which they have built up over the years. By combining ideas and techniques from facilitation, coaching, mentoring, conflict management, mindfulness, silva mind control, NLP and agile, he helps individuals and organizations to achieve high-performance.